Jr. Jump Clinics - Youth ONLY


Jr. Jump Clinics - Youth ONLY

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Jr.Jump Clinics - Youth ONLY

Have taken our Level 1 - Intro to Jumps Clinic (Trampoline Zone) and are ready to get on your bike and put those skills to work?

Level 2 - Beginner - Intermediate Jump Clinic will teach you techniques that will get you off the ground. You will start with learning how your suspension works to safely get you airborne.  We then work to understand how to control the bike in the air while getting ready for the landing. We then practice riding through jumps, static holds and off the bike exercises. 

Level 2 - Beginner - Intermediate Jump Clinic takes place at Civic Field Dirt Jumps

Level 3 - Advanced Jump Clinic brings it all together from the Aerial awareness clinic at Trampoline zone and the Fundamentals of Jumping you practiced at Civic Field Dirt Jumps. You are now ready to take it to the trails where you will progress to more airtime and successfully landing gap jumps with confidence.

Level 3 - Advanced Jump Clinic will meet at Samish Way parking lot before heading out to the trails.


Level 2 - Dirt Jumps Civic Field - July 23rd (coach Elliott)

Level 3 - Advanced Trail Jumping - August 1 (coach Shaums)


5:30pm-7:30pm - July 23rd

2:00pm-4:00pm - August 1st


Civic field dirt jumps

meet at Samish Way Parking Lot for Advanced Trail Jumping



Ages: 7 - 13 (exceptions can be made)

DEADLINE: Registration closes 9 pm night prior

All participants must sign waiver (click the "SIGN MNW WAIVER" button link in bottom right corner of page)
*Time and Location are subject to change based on weather, daylight or varying circumstances.*