Level 1 - Intro to Jumps

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Level 1 - Intro to Jumps

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Intro to Jumps - Trampoline Zone

A perfect way to get jumping. Learn techniques that will get you up and off the ground. Learn aerial awareness using core strength and agility to maintain balance, this course is for all levels of riders - it will start the understanding of how to jump and stay in control.  Once you have practiced these techniques you may feel safe enough to attempt tricks and possible flips in the air.

We will use a portion of the time for understanding how to fall/crash in a safe manner.

No Bikes are required  for this clinic

Date: March 8, March 13, April 10, April 12

(March 8 and April 12 are the youth classes)

Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Cost:$50 (includes the cost of admission) 


Youth 7 - 13

 Adult 14+