MNW Elite Training Program

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MNW Elite Training Program

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Elite Training Program

*This group is by invite only to be a part the new Elite training program with Shaums.*

Name: March Northwest Elite Training Program

Who: Intermediate to Advanced Riders, ages 13-25

What: This program will work with riders who want to learn new skills while pushing their fitness. I will custom-build training programs for each rider on and off the bike. We will be using the training peaks website for communicating about training schedules and more specific details for each rider.

Where: The majority of these sessions will be hosted on the local Whatcom trails and into other Washington riding areas, but will not be limited to outside areas including, Idaho, Oregon, and British Columbia Canada.

When: Participants will meet twice a month to start, riders will be encouraged to attend additional rides and training days as they are added.

Additional training and event days (Races) may focus on a “Specific” discipline located outside of the local area, an additional expense may be added for these.

The program will run monthly with a minimum of two training sessions each month. Working to progress riders’ fitness off bike and skills on the bike. Focusing on building confidence and skill ability. Riders will gain a better understanding of what they need to work on to better their abilities and push limits, while having FUN and keeping it safe.

Riding Disciplines: Enduro, DH and XC racing

Program Length: 8 sessions minimum (over 4 months)

First Meeting Location: Galbraith Mtn

Session Times: 9:30am to 3:30pm 6 hr day

Session Dates: Jan 6 & 7, Feb 11& 25, March 11 & 25, April 1 & 22

Program Fees: $175.00 per/ month

 spaces will be limited to 6 riders.