Downhill skills camp Crankworx


Downhill skills camp Crankworx

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Downhill Skills Camp Crankworx

Our Beginner Skills Camp is a great way to get acquainted with the fundamental mountain bike skills that will make your introduction to downhill a positive experience. These skills will help increase your confidence and you’ll have more fun when riding the bike park.

These skills include:

·       Basic Body Position and Balance – how to move on your bike to create a stable, balanced position while riding downhill

·       Braking - How and when to use your brakes 

·       Gears - How to use your gears (cadence, shifting and pedaling technique)

·       Vision - How to ride better by looking ahead

·       Pumping the bike

·       Basic cornering techniques

Our Intermediate Skills Camp takes your skills to the next level with a focus on getting over rocks, drops, and jumps. These skills will help increase your confidence and level of fun as you take on more challenging terrain and features in the bike park.

Ability- Strong intermediate / advanced

These skills include:

·       Fundamental Skills Review

·       Advanced cornering techniques

·       Line choice - how to scope out the best line for you to ride

·       Getting over obstacles - different types of wheel lifts

·       Introduction to roll downs and drops – how to roll down safely

·       Introduction to table top jumps

Dates: August -15,16,17,18

Times: Beginner 10am-1pm Half Day or 2pm-5pm

Times: Intermediate 2pm-5pm Half Day or 2pm-5pm

lift tickets not included

  Please come prepared with a snack, water, extra layers, properly prepared bike,protective gear and full face helmet and pack to carry their things in. 

We love to ride in lots of changeable weather, but for the safety of our riders and trails we will cancel due to the following; Heavy rains, winds, and delicate trail conditions.